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North East Link Tender support

The North East Link is the largest infrastructure project in Victoria and required a marathon bid effort with a large team of the best consultants and organisations.

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Project Value

$16 billion

Project Type

  • engagement
  • communication

Success Factors

PPP expertise and strategic knowledge of tender teams, requirements and communications and engagement tools, techniques, and innovations.
project outline
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Struber’s team was embedded with the ViaNova consortium to provide vital strategic advice and support the development and delivery of documents to win the contract to design, construct, operate and maintain the $16 billion PPP project.


As a key strategic partner for Victoria’s largest PPP bid, Struber drew on prior knowledge, capability and skill from multiple PPP projects to lead bid strategy workshops and presentation coaching sessions.

To inform the development of engagement tools and overall win themes, Struber analysed and gained in-depth knowledge of the requirements, commitments, community issues, and political governance to design a submission that was relevant, innovative, and calculated.


Struber played a key strategic role in the ViaNova consortium, strategies, tools, and tactics, including:

• Communication and engagement strategy and management plan, including multiple sub plans

• Incorporated key strategies and tactics to build social licence

• Injected community, stakeholder, and political knowledge across the bid team including design, construction, environment, urban design, and social procurement to influence design and construction methodology

• Key community and stakeholder issue analysis

• Government commitment analysis

• Regulatory and contract requirement analysis

• Provided key strategic advice on Interactive Tender Workshops, initiatives, and delivery requirements

• Incorporated key strategies and tactics to build social licence


Struber provided extensive expertise in PPP infrastructure projects and project delivery to produce and submit a Strategy, Management Plan, and multiple sub plans.

A true understanding of the Victorian infrastructure sector produced innovative, strategic thinking, and reputation management to deliver a standout strategy and management plan.