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IxC new website roll-out

DFAT engaged Struber to digitally transform the online presence of its InnovationXchange initiative.

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Project Value


Project Type

  • creative
  • marketing

Success Factors

A creatively curated and easy to manage and maintain website that properly reflects the goals of the IxC, and DFAT’s vision.
project outline
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DFAT’s vision is to become an exemplar in foreign affairs, trade and development impact and influence through embedding innovation practices across the Department. Struber was engaged to create an online presence for DFAT’s InnovationXchange initiative to reflect this vision.


Create an engaging customer-centric website that reflects the Department’s innovative vision for the future in a way that connects with DFAT’s key stakeholders – from other Government departments to global innovation start-ups.


Working in collaboration with DFAT:

  • create and launch a customer-centric website that used imagery and multi-media (i.e. multiple custom posts, videos, and podcasts) to communicate innovation rather than text-heavy content
  • build a website that could be easily managed and maintained by the client in the long-term.
  • STR

    The final product overcame many obstacles which included requirements such as accessibility, search functions, and multiple device and browser capabilities. The end product could not have been achieved without collaboration between multiple touchpoints within IxC, AECOM, and Struber.