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Inland Rail Narrabri to North Star (N2NS) RFT

The Narrabri to North Star (N2NS) Project in NSW is one of 13 projects that completes the $10 billion Inland Rail Project.

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Project Value

$400 million

Project Type

  • engagement
  • communication

Success Factors

The second package released for tender as part of the $10 billion Inland Rail Project
project outline
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The Narrabri to North Star (N2NS) Project in NSW includes upgrading 171km of the existing track as part of the $10 billion Inland Rail Project.

Struber was engaged by the RailFirst consortium, comprising Downer and Seymour Whyte, to develop the community, health, and wellbeing approach and be involved with local industry engagement during the RFT Phase.


Our stakeholder and engagement approach recognised the unique fabric of regional communities with a proactive, honest and relationship focus, including:

• Understanding connections, advocates and informal leaders within the community to develop relevant engagement

• Speed dating with local businesses to fully understand local capability and opportunities

• Safety programs, campaigns, training and personas suited to internal and external audiences

• Project health and wellness focus that delivered community benefits and involvement

• Relationship Manager approach with property owners

• Local training and partnerships to upskill and leave lasting legacies


Our proposed tactics included:

• Complementing ARTC’s existing channels such as Community Consultative Committees, working groups, community forums, business briefings and workshops, presentations, website, newsletter, advertising and dedicated phone and email

• Continuing relationship-focus with property owners including a program of one-on-one meetings and mapping property considerations

• Tapping into more than 15 major annual events with pop-ups, training, and forums

• SafetyFirst programs and training with more than 50 education facilities across the region

• Independent audits and surveys to monitor and track effectiveness, responsiveness, and relationships


The proposed community, health, and wellbeing approach fully encompassed and complemented the progress already made by ARTC, while also including approaches and programs unique to the RailFirst teams’ commitment and values.

The three phased-approach ensured that RailFirst’s ultimate goal of being proactive, responsive and relationship-focused would encourage the community to understand, be involved, and collaborate about the N2NS Project if RailFirst is the successful contractor.