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Industry Engagement Plan

As Managing Contractor for the uniquely challenging Macquarie Island Modernisation Project, VEC sought Struber’s support to devise an innovative Industry Engagement Plan for government approval.

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Project Value

$50 million

Project Type

  • engagement
  • communication

Success Factors

Struber’s digital-first approach resulted in an innovative Industry Engagement Plan for suppliers to work on Australia’s most remote island.
project outline
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Struber devised and delivered an Industry Engagement Plan to attract suppliers and workforce participants for VEC’s uniquely challenging Macquarie Island Modernisation Project, occurring on one of the harshest and most remote islands in the world.


VEC’s Macquarie Island Modernisation Project involved significant constraints around logistics, and strict requirements for those living and working on the island.

Attracting suppliers and workers was a key risk to VEC ensuring project delivery on time and to budget.

Struber developed an Industry Engagement Plan that accounted for these risks and the project’s unique constraints.


Struber conducted workshops and meetings remotely using virtual tools. We:

• Facilitated workshops to understand the project challenges and opportunities

• Developed a plan on a page with innovations to draw out suppliers and jobseekers ready to face the project’s challenges

• Developed a full Industry Engagement Plan that unpacked key issues and constraints, and applied KPIs to three phases of engagement and communication.


The Industry Engagement Plan was developed and delivered to VEC’s satisfaction within a week, meeting VEC’s stated timeframe for delivery.

The Plan met all requirements and was taken forward for government approval by VEC.