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Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road Riedel Road Intersection, Carbrook

The project involves widening Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road on the southern side of the road, at the intersection of Riedel Road.

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Project Value

$2.1 million

Project Type

  • engagement
  • communication

Success Factors

A proactive and relationship-focus with internal and external stakeholders ensured the project could start on-time.
project outline
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The project involves the widening of Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road near the intersection of Riedel Road, including a dedicated right-turn lane to improve safety and access to future recreational areas on the Logan River.

Pensar engaged Struber to manage stakeholder engagement.


With adjacent landowners and school bus operators the most affected by construction impacts, Struber developed an engagement approach that focused on relationship building through one-on-one engagement. This also provided an opportunity to understand potential issues to be resolved and agree on the most effective communication methods during construction.


• Finalised engagement approach, with a one-on-one relationship focus

• Led initial one-on-one engagement with residents to establish relationships and trust, understand any issues from construction impacts and identify preferred contact approach during construction

• Emailed key stakeholders (schools, local businesses, motorists, residents, government representatives, and emergency services) to advise of the start of construction and project progress

• Managed Consultation Manager database


By engaging residents with a one-on-one relationship focus ahead of construction starting, the project team could discuss any concerns upfront and provide relevant and direct updates via SMS or email to keep residents informed as the project progressed.

There were no complaints received about the start of construction works and vegetation removal.