Gold Coast Light Rail (Stage One)


McConnell Dowell Constructors Australia (MCD) and GoldLinQ


$1.3 billion

Scope of services

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement (D&C Phase, Completions, Open Day and Stage Two RFP)


The $1.3 billion Gold Coast Light Rail Stage One is a 13-kilometre, 16 station urban transport corridor connecting planned and existing high-density precincts using 14 world-class bi-directional light rail vehicles (trams). Facing challenging latent conditions in a constrained urban corridor required innovative methodologies that balanced the needs of stakeholders with the practicalities of construction. The complexity of the project demanded outstanding design solutions, engineering excellence and pioneering construction methods, often driven by a need to work side-by-side with thousands of local businesses, on the doorstep of private homes and, in many cases, inside private property.

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