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Hit the right audience with the right message at the right time, every time.

We not only understand quality communications drives your reputation, credibility and relationships, we make it our business to move in the circles you do. Struber taskforce will see around the corners others can’t and solve your most pressing problems.

Our proven experience in driving strategic communications across business and projects means that our dedicated team will deliver industry-leading, digivated communication strategies and techniques.


Just as you have a vision for your major project, we have a vision for the #futureofengagement. And it starts right here, when you work with us.

Our fresh ideas and higher thinking can bring your project new perspective and renewed energy. Go beyond “license to operate” to create a positive legacy – one that not only forges, but nurtures, strong, human connections.

Make your mark on the future with Struber.

We are a taskforce of engagement specialists, delivering the #futureofengagement and real results for our clients, their projects and local communities.

Bringing to the table industry-leading knowledge and skills, a passion for engagement and our distinct Struber energy, our Engagement taskforce will ensure your project earns its ‘license to operate’ within any community and provide strong outcomes for stakeholders and organisations

Struber’s Engagement taskforce harnesses the power of technology to drive digivated engagement strategies and techniques, to connect with project stakeholders anytime, anywhere; and achieve real results.


You work hard to win the attention of the people in your universe – we work even harder to keep them listening.

Our philosophy: The Five S’s of Marketing – Strategy. Story. Sharing. Success. Struber.

Our Struber Marketing team can help you find the right strategy to effectively implement marketing activities across a variety of mediums  which will make an impact and deliver optimum results each and every time.

Consisting of experts who thrive on knowledge, data and creativity, Struber’s Marketing team can work with you on developing a bespoke campaign – with the best tactics, content and collateral – to bring your brand or project to life.

Be hard to ignore – and even harder to forget – with Struber.


We build creative designs and ideas that leave a positive legacy. Sometimes that calls for going big, sometimes it calls for being subtle. We deliver ideas and campaigns that invent the #futureofengagement – and they’ll likely be digivated by nature – when it’s the right fit for your project.

Based on Struber’s core principles of strategic thinking, collaboration and innovation, our Creative team combines unique design expertise with current trends, data and industry knowledge to create bespoke, strategic visual outcomes for clients.

Continuously innovating and pushing the boundaries, we work with our clients to deliver ideas that warrant engagement, action and drive project results.