Building engagement marketing strategies for brands and projects that blend new and traditional methods to connect with people is key to successfully promoting your initiative.

Struber helps clients to migrate to positions of market leadership and maximise their investments through the development of strategically positioned marketing campaigns and optimised content.


Central to all marketing and business initiatives, an effective brand strategy can provide a major advantage for your business or project in an increasingly competitive environment. Framing the right identity through smart creative design and strategy is key to ensuring people are receptive to the messages and feelings that you are trying to convey. Struber is experienced in developing brand strategy, identity design, style guides, positioning and messaging.


Struber is equipped with the skills and experience to deliver a variety of advertising campaigns for your project or business. We can help you with creative campaign development, engagement marketing campaigns, targeted advertising through web and social, as well as traditional advertising through offline avenues.

Creative Design

We bring the capabilities in creative design to connect you with your target markets through engaging photography, infographics, diagrams and more. We can develop and support the design of your tenders, proposals, fact sheets, manuals, reports and plans, site signage, uniforms, vehicle graphics, newsletters, presentations, advertising materials and more.


In an age where video is becoming an increasingly important tool for audience cut through, videography must be considered in any marketing strategy. Struber is experienced in working on every stage of a video from storyboarding to creative management and production, across a range of tools including virtual reality, time-lapse and aerial drones.

Digital Content

Struber is experienced in developing digital, social and mobile communications that are targeted to engage with your stakeholders and build relationships. We can help you develop a digital strategy that will align how you present yourself across all platforms, taking into consideration the audiences and ensuring your content is customised for each platform from social, through to email marketing campaigns.

Web and SEO

Our logical approach to digital marketing aims to provide a consistent experience across all platforms as the user shift through the digital life cycle. Struber focuses on delivering web and mobile products that optimises the reach and user experience. We can help you develop a website, intranet, supplier portal, and ensure an effective SEO/content strategy to support your platform.

Executive/Individual Profiles

Business and executive profiling is simple yet effective tool to provide an overview and understanding of your business, project or employees. Struber can assist you with developing effective profiles, maximising key unique characteristics, highlighting areas of specialties that can set you apart from the crowd with a ‘wow’ factor.

Promotional Collateral

Collateral is a simple and effective tool that can be used to support the promotion of your business, project or initiative. Struber is geared to assist with the development and production of a range of items from giveaways and corporate gifts to site signage, stationery and vehicle graphics.

Social Media

Struber is experienced in all facets of social from delivering advertising campaigns, to content development, management and reporting. We have a proven track record in delivering engaging social content that can build your profile and drive audience action. Get social with us!

We like to let our work do the talking

We’re proud of everything we achieve for our clients, big or small. Check out some of our most recent work below. If you would like more information on any of our projects or the kind of results we deliver for our clients, get in touch.

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