If you want to accelerate your plans and ‘license to operate’, you need experience onside or onsite. Struber work at all stages from planning, tendering, construction, handover, commissioning and operations.

Bringing our smarts and tools, negotiating and communicating with stakeholders to enhance relationships, and secure opportunities. These are all elements that maximise project $, reduce project drag and generate positive stakeholder outcomes.

Critical Start-up & Commissioning

Struber are ready with a proven model of activity to hit the ground running on day one of your project to set up important systems and procedures to build your project reputation. Struber can provide unique expertise that will drive early engagement in the critical start-up and deliver the first and last 100 days strategies.

Tender Phase

Struber is ready to roll out targeted engagement activities in the bid phase in order to understand communities, impacts and issues that will guide bid development from the outset. The early engagement model developed by Struber has a successful track record with both Government and private sector clients, establishing a social licence to operate, build and enhance their reputation from the outset.

Procurement Programs

Understanding local content and skills within communities can drive innovative procurement programs. Struber support the procurement process as well as setting and achieving local participation targets through capturing key data about the skills within a community, understanding and complimenting gaps and crafting innovative procurement models that balance needs.

On-ground Liaison

On day one, Struber makes an impact with demonstrated capability and experience to deliver stakeholder and community engagement. Engagement is key to success, and in many cases mandatory; your organisation is obligated to provide clearer information on activities. We are prepped with boots and high vis to deliver on-site communications strategy and facilitation with stakeholders. With a taskforce of experts ready to make an impact, Struber can help you with community liaison and implementation plans to ensure your project is engaging with all levels of stakeholders.


Communicating internally connects people to a common set of strategies, goals and actions. By doing this right you can manage risk, facilitate the ease of delivery, attract and retain staff, avoid unexpected costs and expedite the program. Struber can help you deliver internal awareness and cultural alignment to ensure your business or project is performing and your stakeholders are happy.


Stakeholder research, mapping, analysis and risk planning are all important first steps to ensuring that you are able to develop quality stakeholder engagement plans. Through gaining a better understanding of stakeholders, you are more likely to develop a plan that will succeed. Struber has extensive experience and innovative digital tools to deliver stakeholder and community engagement programs, helping you to complete the program on time, stay on budget, outperform your peers financially and leave a positive legacy.

Government Relations

Developing options, implementing programs, consulting on plans and transforming assets or departments. Struber can be part of the decision making and participation process to ensure the best outcomes are assessed and achieved.

Issues/Crisis Management

Change, crisis and recovery communications are critical skills to have when delivering any project. Struber can help your business or project undertake property resumption process and access, reinstatement agreements and provide mediation and facilitation services to ensure that an agreement can be reached.

Risk Management

No business wants to find themselves in hot water due to a risk they did not foresee or proactively manage. Struber is geared with the expertise to kick-start your business or project risk management plan and develop stakeholder interface thinking, enhancing risk assessment and treatment processes. Together we will develop a road map to forecast, evaluate, and minimize the impact.


Communications can support the planning process in many ways. Struber’s experienced team work closely across multi-dimensional teams on options studies, social impact studies, EIS engagement and development. This is a unique mix of strategy development, on-ground consultation and professional writing to support the planning needs of the Government and private sector.


If you need help facilitating professional development and coaching capabilities, Struber is ready. We can assist your business or project by delivering a coaching project team that can facilitate a program to develop outcomes, enabling our clients to build their own tactical capabilities.

Behaviour Change

At Struber we understand that through the delivery of major projects we need to understand behavioural change to support the often large changes these projects bring. Struber is skilled to develop programs that make stakeholders not only aware of the changes that come with new infrastructure, but change their behaviours to be early adopters and active users of new infrastructure.


Struber is experienced in developing digital, social and mobile communications that are targeted to engage with your stakeholders and build relationships. We can help you develop a digital strategy that will align how you present yourself across all platforms, taking into consideration the audiences and ensuring your content is customised for each platform from social, through to email marketing campaigns.

Advocacy/Awareness Campaigns

If you need help developing advocacy and awareness campaigns, you need Struber. We have experience in delivering interface management and integration support, public awareness campaigns, policy advice and development, social impact assessment, business case and implementation support, and stakeholder engagement and consultation.

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